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Diamify is an outcome of endless passion, insightful know-how, and honesty for diamonds.

Ran Warcel

Diamify is your wholesale diamond destination. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, Diamify supplies quality loose diamonds to jewelers and retailers worldwide.

Diamify has built a strong foundation in Los Angeles with a clientele that has a predictable admiration for the finest sparklers!

While we specialize in larger, rare stones, we can deliver diamonds of all sizes, shapes and classifications. Work with us to customize your ideal diamond creation.

Our  partners are located all over the world – from  Los Angeles, California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, New York, Illinois  and Florida to other parts of the world such as ; Antwerp (Belgium), Tel Aviv (Israel), Hong Kong, and Mumbai (India).

Diamify was founded in 2014 by Ran Warcel, a third generation diamond dealer originally from Antwerp Belgium, the diamond capital of the world. Meir Warcel Sr., Ran’s grandfather, was the first of the Warcels to enter the trade in 1955. His son, Andre Warcel, expanding on the work of his father established Warcel Diamonds as the spot in Antwerp Belgium and across Europe for baguette diamonds and fancy shapes. Warcel Diamonds specialize in straight-edged diamonds.


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With his family’s expertise to guide him, Ran grew up attending diamond fairs, trade shows, jewelry auctions and estate sales.  Benefitting from his father’s forty years of experience, Ran began his career at the family business in Belgium. 

He would then take his education, hands on understanding, and passion for diamonds, to create his own company. Moving to the united states and working as a diamond broker. In 2014 Diamify was born. 

Why Choose Us?

We Are Reliable

Diamify understands that finding your exact request, whether it be a loose diamond or jewelry, it can be a difficult task. Rest assured that our trained professionals will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you get exactly what you want at a price you can afford.

We're Friendly

Our offices are located in Los Angeles, where the atmosphere is informal and friendly. You are always invited to come by and learn more about diamonds and our fascination revolving them.

We Love Diamonds

Search for diamonds based on cut, carat, shape, clarity, color, and price. Our diamond experts  would be more than delighted to guide you through our entire diamond inventory comprising of natural colorless as well as fancy colors, large and rare diamonds.